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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide To CA Anti-Virus

The guide was written by: Hermon


Today it's important to protect the pc from threats

Anti-virus can help protect it

The program is given for trial period

The article refers to 2007 edition



CA Anti-Virus 2007



Run the setup file

Welcome screen, press next

License Agreement, read all scroll down the then mark I accept and click next

You now need to enter your key if you have purchased the program, if you don't have key leave it blank , press next to continue

Choose the desired install location and click next

The install starts, wait patiently till it ends.

The install ends.

If you want to restart your pc now, mark it

If you want to restart it later, mark it

Click complete.

To up



After the restart, we will mark continue if we have trial version

We will get the next screen the only option available in trial mode is ca anti-virus, click on it

Now choose Open Advanced Settings

The program is already configured so need to configure it

No need to update to program, its update automatically

If it's not updates, click on update

You have 2 options for scanning your pc using the program:

Scan My Computer for Viruses

Select and Folders to Scan

We will select the first option

The scan started:

The scan ends, if a threat has found, you will be informed.

Also, you can define and select the action – delete, delete all, restore

In quarantine tab in main window of the program you can view quarantine files and choose action for them.

Reports Tab Here you will see all the program reports

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