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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


The complete guide for skype voices conversation software

In this guide we will talk about skype that was found by who developed kazaa , Nicuolas Zenstrom.

In the beginning the software aim was to give a voices conversation between people and for free.

All you need to use this software is an internet connection and microphone.

This guide will split up to 2 parts


*how to install the software?

*how we can use this software?


Recently the developer where included 2 new options in this software.

We can phone to home phone and cellular phone.

This option given in pay only.

In this guide we will use the latest version.2.0 version.


1. software installation  

After the software download Skype on the installation file.

You will get the next screen

In this screen you can choose the interface language.

Click on the next button.

 After you will choose next you will get this screen

This is the license agreement. If you agree you can choose

"I accept" button.

Click next.

 After you will choose next you will get the next screen

Here you can choose the destination location. you can modify the destination by choose browse button .

Click next.

 After you will choose next you will get the next screen.

In this screen you can choose if to create a desktop icon and also to choose if the software will start when you start your computer.

Click next.

 After you will choose next button the installation window

Finally you will get the finish screen


Choose finish.

  2. How to use in the software.

When we open the software we get the main window.

If you already have a skype account you can get in to the software by writing you name and password.

If you a new member you can choose "don't have a skype name?

You will get to the "create a new skype account window.

Here you will need to choose a name and password that you can use to sign in to the software.

you can also to give a email address.

you don't have to ,but if you will your password this is the way to find you lost password.

Also you will need to choose in "yes, I have read and accept the skype end user license agreement" before you can go on.

After you finish the sign in process click on "sign in" button.

You will get next screen that searching after similar name like you choose.

In the end you will get the result and you will need to choose between the name's options the you have in the next screen if the name that you choose already exist.

In the software database.

After you will choose your name click on "sign in"

When this process will end you will get to the next window that helps your friends find you in skype

Choose a name that you friends will see when they search you in the software.

After you choose a name click on "next".

This is the end of the account creating.

The next window you will see is the guide software window.

You can choose if to use in the guide or not.

After this you will get the main software window.


Right click on contact in the list will allow starting chat, sending files.

Rename contact name, start calland block the user.

The main window includes a lot options.

 I will explain about the menus.

 a.   file

    In this option you can change you password, go to your    

   Account page on skype web site.

  Also you can change your online status, sign out from the service and edit details to your profile.

b.   view

     Here you can choose an interface option.

    It means you can erase or edit detail to the software


c.    Contacts

This option allow to add users, block users, send users one to each other.

d.   tools

This category include create conference call, use skypein (allow to get calls from landline and mobile phone directly to your skype),skypeout suggest the opposite (you need to pay if you want to use this options).

Also you can backup and restore your contact list, choose a language.

This category includes software definitions that we can change if we like.

You get the definition window by clicking the option button in the tools category.

  Like you can see in this window you can control in wide number of definitions.

 *privacy-in this option you can decide from who to get calls or allow chats.

You can change the history definitions, save the history or not and how long.

Also you can decide if you want to allow your status to be shown on the web.

Notifications-allow you to decide when to get notify, when you get a call, someone send you a file, come online. Want to chat with you and more.


  *sound devices-allow configuring the audio in, audio out and ringing device.

Also you can choose in "let skype adjust my sound device settings" if you don't know how to configure the options.

*Connections- here you can configure the connection port

*video- this option allow to make a video conversation.

You can your video device (webcam), who to show that you have video option, from who to receive video conversations

*advanced-this include some good tools.

You can decide if you wan't to allow automatically calls answering, display technical call info, stop winamp automatically when you get a cal and start skype when windows start.

This is the end of the guide.

I home that this guide will help you.

Written by Goodman.

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