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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide To CA Personal Firewall

The guide was written by: Hermon

The guide was translated to English by: Xpert



Firewall can help preventing intrusions to your computer

The program is given for grace period of 21 days.

The guide is Referring to 2007 version



CA Personal Firewall 2007

Choose the desired option


Run the setup file

 Welcome screen, press next

License agreement screen, read all scroll down, then mark I accept and click next

Choose the desired destination folder and click next

The install will start, wait patiently till it ends.

Details with 21 day period info will show

Enter the details in order to register for the full software

If you don't want to register click on the X

And then click yes

A restart is needed, mark the first circle

If you want restart later, mark the second circle

And click complete


The program will detect your network, click safe

The CA Security Center screen, choose CA Personal Firewall

Click on Open Advanced Settings

Pay attention – in the bottom of the screen the program is updating

You can clear internet cache by clicking on clean cache now

Choose Block All Internet Access if you want to block all traffic.

We now select firewall in the right of the screen

In the following screen you will be given further details about applications that is running

We select the zones tab now

It's recommended to define to med both safe zone and restricted zone

We now select privacy

Cookie Control

If we want strong protection from cookies we define here cookie control to high

If we don't want cookie protection we define to off.

It's recommended to select off.

In ad/pop-up blocker we do exactly as we done in cookie control.

Mobile Code Control-we do the same as we did previously

We now go to email option

It's recommended to cancel outbound email protection, click off to turn it off.

We now go to reports

It's recommended to leave this un-touched.

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