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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus

The Guide Was Written by : Hermon

The article was translated to English by: Xpert



Today it's important to protect the pc in real-time in order to keep it clean out of threats

Checkpoint, one of the best information security company's has developed antivirus and firewall in one program.



 Download here for 15 day trial.


Choose the desired install location

Press Next

Enter user name and email address

Leave the brackets unmarked

Press Next

License Agreement

Mark the bracket and click install

The install process will start

Be patient until it ends.

The install process completed

Now answer the checkpoint registration survey

Click finish to end.

You will be asked if you want to start the program now

Click yes

The zonealarm antivirus is starting

Click on continue trial for 15 day trial

Click on enter license key to enter the key you have purchased

Buy the software using the site to help us be more efficient

Program explanations

Click finish

Press done

In order for the program to work, you will be asked to restart your pc

Press Ok

Using zonealarm

Video tutorial press finish

Mark allow into trusted zone

Press ok

Click yes

The next window will be appear next time you will enter zone-alarm

Settings - Overview-preferences

No need to change

Only change if you want to enter password protection or want to save or backup program settings

Main anti-virus screen

The antivirus will run in background

Choose advanced options

Tab you can define a scheduled scan   Scan Schedule In

In updates Tab – make sure that "enable automatic updates is marked", it is marked by default.

Tab Automatic Treatment

Here you can define what will be happen if a virus will be found

The default is to try to repair, quarantine if repair fails

Other options:

Alert me – don't treat automatically

Try to repair, alert me if repair fail.

Tab Detection

Mark heuristics analysis

Click ok

We back to

Click update now

The next window will pop-up

We will wait patiently until the update has done.

In the end of the update, we will be asked if we want to scan our computer

We click yes for scan

Click view scan

 The next window will appear, we will wait until the anti-virus scan ends.

When it end, the next window will be shown

Click done after you examined the result

Firewall settings

Those are the optimal settings, it's recommended not to change anything

If u press custom as shown in the picture

The following options will be displayed, no need to mark them, it extra features which might make the program slow

Choose programs control tab

Those are the allowed or blocked programs, we can here change and define them.

Tab Components

You will see here all the components that running on your computer


It's recommended to change internet zone security to med

No need to touch custom

Tab Zones

Will shown the blocked or allowed zone

You can add, remove and define the zones.

Alert & Logs

If you don't want to be alerted by the program mark the first and last bracket.

No need to change custom and advanced features.

Tab Log Viewer

Here you will see all the alerts

Email Protection

If you want email protection leave it as it is

Otherwise unmark the bracket

Don't touch the advanced button

Tab Attachments

This is the list of the files that will be checked

You add, remove or define it.

This is it.

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