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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide To Bitdefender 9 Anti-Virus

The guide was written by: Hermon

This Guide Translated To English by: Xpert



Today it's important to have real-time protection.

Antivirus Can Detect And Remove Threats That Found.

The next antivirus, which is Trial version available for full version purchase, is one of the most well-known anti-viruses today.



The Install

Welcome Screen

Press Next

More info about the anti-virus

Press Next

License Agreement

Read them carefully then mark I accept the terms

And click next

Choose Custom Install and Click Next

Info about the components who will be installed and where it will be installed

After you select the desired install path

Press Next

Before the install – another information

Press Next

Read to install.

Software Update – leave mark on the first bracket

First scan of the windows system folder – it's recommended, leave mark on it (second bracket)

Readme – don't mark it (third bracket)

Place shortcut – leave mark on it – (last bracket)

Click on install to begin installation process

The install started

Be patient until it ends.

In the end of the install you will get the anti-virus scan window

In the end of the scan you will be informed if a threat has found or not, and u will be able to follow it on the right side of the window


The install has been completed, (after the scan)

Click on finish.

The Usage

In program settings, you will be able to configure a password protected settings, just mark the enable password protection.

Update settings

You can define here the proxy if you have one, in order to update the anti-virus.

When u click on update tab in left side of the window

The antivirus will update and you will get the following message

Info on the update, in first time, mark the bracket

Starting the anti-virus

Click continue

Click on scan to start the scanning process

If a threat will be found it will be displayed in Quarantine tab.

You can then remove it using the anti-virus, in generally; it can be removed in safe mode.

Tab Scheduler

You can define here the time for automatic computer scan

  Report-you will get information about the scan and it result.

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