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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide For IncrediMail E-Mail Program


Today there are several ways which we can get email:

By virtual drive

By the web


By email program

The next guide will focused on IncrediMail , one of the programs which has own the world market.



Please wait

Now we choose the language we want (choose English for default)

Click on next

License terms screen

Click on I accept

The install process will start in

drive:\Program Files\IncrediMail

By default

In the end of the process , you will get a message telling you that the install has complete successfully



Using the program

Click on icon in the taskbar near the windows clock

Double right click

Welcome to IncrediMail

You must answer the three question and then click next

 also the option for getting email updates about IncrediMail Features and special offers

Is marked by default , if you don't want this feature you can un-mark it

The next screen will shown up

Enter your name that you would like to appear in emails you send

 and enter your email address from your isp and click on next

Choose your username and password as provided from your isp (internet service provider)

Click on next

You will be asked if you would like the IncrediMail icon to shown up when you enter google

It is recommend that you choose decline

Now wait , the program is preparing to run

If you didn't do something correctly , you will get a link what you need to do

in order for the program to run properly


You will also get a link for adding smiley's 

The smiley's screen will show up choose one of the six and click ok

Now , you will get to your inbox with four tips from IncrediMail

In order to add friends click on addresses

You will get to the next screen

You can add one man or whole group if you would like to

After we finish we click ok

Program options


Here you can setup the program

In order for the program not to be launch on startup un-mark launch IncrediMail on startup option

Sound settings

You can setup how much time in interval does the program check for

New messages

The default is 5 minutes

Message tab , security and receipts

No need to setup it

Language tab

You can choose the interface language the default encoding and the input you would like

User info tab

Here you can change each of the 3 questions

Un-mark the option the marked by default

if you wouldn't like to receive mails about features and special offers

Advanced tab

You can click on automatic updates and then

 select if the program will automatically update or not

You can choose when the deleted items folder will be empty by marking option 4

Click on ok for finish

Lets click on new mail

We have reached the next screen , which allows us to add smiley's as we wish

To a new message that we will now send

After we choose what we want

We get the new email message window

To = specify here the address you would like the message to be sent to

CC = specify here the addresses that you would copies of the message to be sent to

If you double click CC

You get the bcc option , BCC = bcc is the most secure way to send message

Choose attachment for adding files

Choose recorder for recording sound

Choose signature if you would to create signature

To send the message click on send


You can choose skin in the main window of the program by clicking the skin tab


In premium version of this program you will get:

Anti spam filter

Much more skins

More letters , animations and notifiers

V.I.P (voice over ip) Support

No ads


The guide was written by Hermon.

And translated to English by the Xpert.

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