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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide To Norton Internet Security 2007


Today it's important to defend the computer with different security elements.

Symantec, one of the best security companies in the world is offering NIS 2007.


Click here to download a trial for 15 days

Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2007

Open the file

Choose the option you want:






The extracting files screen will shown up

Press next

Press yes and continue

License agreement screen

Press on I Agree

Setup dir screen

Choose the destination dir for install

If you want an effective toolbar, download the faq toolbar and not yahoo toolbar

Press on next

The setup will begin

Choose skip scan

Now wait for update

The setup process completed

Try nis for 15 days trial or enter your product key

Update nis press on next in each screen from now until finish

After all has done, restart your computer



The nis screen

Choose the nis tab

Press on settings

It's recommended that u will cancel the outgoing email scanning, it's not so necessary and might cause to problems.

Roll up a bit up, and choose configure 

Now you will reach the next screen

Pay attention:

Here it's recommended to choose ask me what to do

Otherwise, Norton will choose what's ok and what's not.

After the main install process, in each program that you will use for the first time, you might have to click on permit and make a v in the triangle.

If you would be asked about internet, everything that is associated with network, mark as permit.

The same is for home network.

Let's move on to program control

Now we will get to each program that working in background

We can set them as follows:


Allowing program




And the third one is deny – for denying a program..

Not let's choose trust control

We will get to active, and then we can add trusted routes as we need.

Here is an important setting

An automatic update of the firewall

If you would like else, you can change it.

In the security inspector tab you don't need to touch..

Press on ok.

On the bottom corner of the page there's an option of choosing between virus and spyware protection, choose both.

On the main options of the antivirus you can read on Norton 2005 guide.

Pay attention:

In order to complete all the install & setup processes you must run a fullscan on your computer.

Another important thing:

The nis program will make windows updates automatic if they don't.

Press on next

Now we will wait.

Starting the scan

In the end of the scan we will get a positive and false answer.

Now the nis is functional and checked

This guide was written by Hermon

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