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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Guide to Outpost Firewall 1.0


Today, it's important to protect pc in real-time, against unwanted intrusions.

A firewall is doing it.


Download the program from here, if you decided to buy – do it clicking here

Choose the option you want




Welcome screen

Press on next

License agreement screen

Mark I agree

And press on next

Destination location screen

Choose the destination folder and click on next

Choose English and click next

Press next to start the install process

The install process started

End of install process

Press on finish

Press on ok for restart or cancel to cancel

Back to up



After the computer has restarted


Choose exactly as shown in order to update the program

Click on next for checking updates

Click on next

You will get a message if there is new version is available for download or if not.  

Main program screen

Choose all connections in order to see all the connections that are being use.

The accepted connections:

And the blocked connections

The settings of the program are well set and there's no need to change them.

The rest of program options are for plugins, and no more will say about them.

If you will asked for program option by the firewall

Press allow for allowing program

And press deny for denying program

This guide was written by Hermon

The guide was translated to English by

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