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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide to Google Adwords|Advertising board for web site founders and blogs

Many advertisers wondering, where to advertise themselves and how many it will cost.

Google Adwords , is infact , an effective advertising board for web site founders and blogs who are willing to make themselves public in around three main areas :

In left side of Google site, or in upper corner, in the search engine for site founders who are taking place in Google Adsense.

The following guide will answer all your questions, using F-A-Q.


What is the difference between Google Adsense and Google Adwords?

Google Adsense is a service for making public advertising on your websites.

On the other hand, Google Adwords is a service for advertising in Google website. 

How we register?

You can register, by the button on the upper corner of the page.

How much does it cost to me?

The cost for opening an account is 5$ dollar only once and for all.

After that, you can manage a many kinds advertising journeys.

Each one – depend on you: on the money you put and on the words you are willing to advertise.

In Google and in the advertisers.

The popularity of the word, the amount of advertisers in each page, the amount of money that the advertisers put , and the benefits that Google wants , and another considerations that Google won't say.

What's the meaning?

When you click on tools and traffic control, Google will give you a maximum amount for a click of a key word\s.

A maximum amount for day.

The amount of money is between 5 cent to 4 dollar on click .

A places for the ad to the amount that shown before.

How we pay?

In order to pay, you must have an international credit card, because the payment is by dollars, for Google.

The payment is done, for once and for all pay in order to open account

(You will not be charged again after it).

For each click or a show (depend on what you have chosen).

How Google Adwords will show at the settings?

You must make a setting of 25 words for ad, a text ad is 35 words, a link that is shown, and real link.

Am I can know on what people have clicked through Adwords?

The answer is yes.

Google Adwords, is giving you a detailed info about the ads that was clicked with the same keywords, how many have searched the word.

And by this way, you can know what and where to advert.

 In addition, Google is offering a Google AnalyIst for static information about the websurfers that arrived.

Google Analyist is a service of statics that has opened recently on the 17.08.06 for everyone.

Till now the service has been offered through invites

Am I might become cheated?

Recently, many advertisers have gone against Google in court.

Google has paid for those advertisers, and Google decided to offer in Google Adwords a tool that can show how much you have been cheaten in percentage, so you can know that Google is giving you the money back and working on it that others won’t be able to cheat you.

When the ads show?

Google is giving you the option to decide when it will be published and when it will be stopped.

The ads showing in minutes or hours.

This is the end of the guide

If you have more questions

Contact use form

And I will answer you as soon as possible

This guide was written by Hermon

And translated to English by Xpert.

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