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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide To Rising Personal Firewall

The guide was written by: Hermon

This guide was translated to English by:  Xpert



Today, it's important to protect the pc using advanced counter-measures like firewall.

Rising firewall can help protect your pc in real-time.

The guide referring to the 2006 trial version.



Rising Personal Firewall 2006


Choose the desired option



Run the setup file which you have downloaded.

Welcome screen, press next

License agreement mark I agree and click next

What will be installed, just click next

Choose the desired destination and click next

Add shortcut to desktop and quick launch bar, and make start menu folder

Click next

Install information, click next

Installing + Memory scan wait patiently till it ends.


The install done, just click finish


If you had bought the rising firewall, enter the product key and user id.

If you haven't, click close

Select connection type screen, your ip address will be shown, just click ok.

You have reached program's main screen

We now select activity tab

We get a list of all the processes that running in background

We now select startup tab

And we get a list of startup programs

In game guard tab, you will see multi-player games that installed on your pc.


Here you will see all the Vulnerabilities

If we want to open a port, we do like in the following picture.

We click add and enter the port

If we have proxy connection

We will do like in the following picture

We mark the third circle and enter the proxy details

If you we want to scan for Trojans, we do like in the following picture

If a Trojan will be found, you will be informed.

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