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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide To Rising Antivirus

The guide was written by: Hermon

This guide was translated to English by: Xpert


Today it's important to protect the pc in real-time.

The guide is corresponding for the 2006 trial version



Rising Antivirus 2006


Run the file you have downloaded

Wait until the auto setup starts

Welcome Screen, press next

License agreement

Mark I agree and click next

Click next

Choose the desired install location and click next

Shortcuts will be added to desktop quick launch bar and start menu

Click next

More info, just click next

A memory scan will run now

Wait till it ends, then the setup will start

The setup started, wait patiently till it ends.

The setup is done, click finish, the anti-virus will run in background.




Press Next

Leave the first bracket unmarked

Leave the second bracket unmarked

Press Next

If you want email to not be checked leave it unmarked

All others recommended leaving mark.

When the anti-virus will be updated

You can choose the frequency and the time and hour you want the update to be scheduled

Mark the first bracket in order for it to work properly.

Click finish

If you bought the antivirus please now enter full license details and press register

If you haven't click close

Click scan to start scanning with the anti-virus

In the end of the scan you will get results

Click on update in order to update the anti-virus.

If you use proxy choose the third option and properly configure it.

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