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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


A guide for Google Adsense -a very effective advertising program for website founders, including bloggers.

Website founders and bloggers founders , which are willing to make money, in order to pay the amount of money needed for placement and future plans , can make it using the help from the advertising program of Google : Google Adsense .

Google Adsense , the solution that can help you.

What's in this service?

Google Search: the meaning is a direct search in your site through Google search engine.

When users will search in your site using google search, they will able to see advertises, and on each click on an advertise you will get between a few cents to a few dollars.

Is it possible to put advertises of Google in website, if yes, how?

The site must me in utf-8 format.

You can encode the pages, using notepad -> file -> save as -> and then choosing to change from ansi to utf.

If your system support utf-8, the pages will be displayed in the correct language, in the correct encoding, and if it's not supported (your system), the pages will displayed not correctly.

If it displayed not correctly you need to find how to fix it.

Also, in source code you need change the specific encoding to utf-8.

And you need to configure your site in English or other supported language.

How much you can get from Google index?

It's hard to answer on this question

No one can ever know, except Google's robot and googles algorithm

Nevertheless, I will answer the answer that Google's people claims :

There are 2 kinds of advertises

Advertises according for click and advertises according for exposure.

According for exposure, the amount of money is usually low (between 1 cent to dollars)

According for click, the amount of money is unknown.

According to Google : the amount of money is divided for clicks on advertises , the amount of clicks , the amount for 1000 advertises in actual fact , and the number of pages and each one show of advertise.

The amount of money is between 1 cent to 5$ dollars for click. 

How the money comes?

The money comes in paycheck or to the bank (in a bank transform , it depends on the country you live) the money comes at list when you reach 100$ dollar.

You can delay the appointed time to get the money to time when you will get the amount that you want.

Pay attention:

The money comes in dollars or in local coin.

If I don't get in a month to 100$ dollars , I will not get the money?

The money is going on and kept, so you will get the money (if you don't cheated)

For example:

In one month you get 20$ dollars and in the other 80$ dollars.

The money will get to summary of 100$ dollar.

How to register?

In order to register, it's recommended to register using the referral of the web founder that it's in the program (see the upper part of the page).

In the registration, you should write the details in English.

Pay attention, you can't change the name of the account which the paycheck will get to.

You must wait a week after the registration, and then you get an ok or deny.

A denies can come if the site is filled with index of illegal stuff like porn, and bets sites. 

What its pin code?

A pin code is a code that is sent to the webmaster who reached 50$ dollars.

The primary target of the code is to ensure that address you have entered on the system is correct.

When I see the money that I got to?

Usually, in the 7-10 of next month, in the history of payments.

When I configure that this is the amount of money that I want to be sending for me?

You can configure it till the fifteen day on the next month.

When the money will be send?

The money will be sending in paycheck near the end of the month around 25-30 day of the next month.

The money will get to the bank in 10 days.

When the money in paycheck will arrive?

The money will arrive by a month, in a camouflaged envelop, which isn't show a any details about a paycheck of Google, in order to protect it from stealing, although it is written on it for the receiver only!.

They asking me in the details or the bank transform, the name of the bank", which I don't know, what I can do?

You can call your bank and ask it name, or to check in your bank website.

Is it possible to follow pages who contain advertises?

Yes, correctly

For this, you have an option of following channels.

Recently, its in place in Google advert, after many websurfers asks.

But we can't know, on which advertise that websurfer clicked on.

Have you got a paycheck from Google?

Yes, I got one.

If I don't have one, I won't right it for you.

Dont do:

Is it legal to change Google index advert and Google search?

It is illegal to change the Google code you get.

Also, it's illegal to change Google adsense opening in a new window.

If you change those settings, your account will be closed in by the time you get to 100$ + dollars.

Am I can click on advertises and the referrals of my self?

It's illegal to click on advertises and referrals of your self

Google has opened a department which is dealing with this subject, if you will do this your account will be close when you reach 100$ + dollars.

Is it ok to put 4 text advertises in a page?

It's illegal to put 4

Its legal to put 3 max texts advertises, and one pair of Google links per one advertises.

Is it ok to put 4 referrals?

Its illegal to put 4 referral, the max is 3 for page.

Is it ok to put 3 search boxes per page?

Its illegial to put higher than 2 search boxes per page.

Is it ok to put empty google adsense in the blank page?

No, illegal.

Is it ok to put Google adsense in pages using popups?

No, illegial.

Is it ok to put with yahoo?

No , illegial to put with other competitors advertises like yahoo texts.

Is it ok to tell the websurfers to click?

No , you can tell them.

Is it ok to register if I am under age of 18?

No its illegail if you under 18.

More to know in google adsense program :

The site must not contain violence , and inciting , or copyrighters violation , hacking , drugs , casino , pornography , weapons , beers and other stuff like this , cigarettes , a medicines , or a impersonation of designer.

If you have more question you are invited to send me an email , using contact us in bottom of the page.

Written in male form, but corresponds for all.

The guide was written by hermon.

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