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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide – Installing Windows Vista


After six years with windows xp operating system, Microsoft is distributing a new operating system which is aimed at gamers , corporate businesses , and graphics designers. 

The next guide will explain how to install windows vista.


Vista operating system requirements :

Minimum Requirements:


512 MB RAM  Memory:

Direct x 9 video card with 32 MB ram :Graphics Card

Hard Disk : 20 GB and free space of 15 GB

Dvd drive

Recommended requirements :

Modern CPU (1GHZ Clock Speed Or More) CPU:

1 GB RAM Memory:

Direcx 9 or later video card that fully supports hardware pixel shader 2.0  Graphics Card :

For running the windows aero interface

With 128 MB RAM

Hard Disk : 40 GB and free space of 15 GB

Dvd drive

After we learned the system requirements , before we start , we need to make sure that  the dvd drive is starting up first in the bios,enter the bios if not change it and save it.


After we did it , we put the cd inside

And then we wait while windows is loading files

We choose install now

We wait for installing process to start then we will click next

Now we will enter our product key , and then we click on next

We agree to the license terms by clicking I accept and then clicking on next

We choose now custom

For info : u choose upgrade if u want to repair vista or upgrade your current operating system

We choose the drive that we want that vista will be installed on it and then we click next

The install process has started , now we wait till it ends.

We choose our country or our region and then click next

We choose our user name and our picture and we can set a password for it

Now we choose our time zone and then click next


The install has done and we ready to start , click on start

The operating system will restart your pc , and then it will run

Setup your drivers , install programs and games like u did in windows xp

Pay Attention :

You can only install network modem , because not all the network drivers are out yet

Good Luck

The guide was written by Hermon.

And translated to English by the Xpert.

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